*アルキメデスの螺旋 :Archimedean spiral [#n91b3b1a]
アルキメデスの螺旋(らせん Archimedes' spiral)は極座標の方程式r = a・θによって表される曲線である。等間隔の渦巻きである。 θが負の場合も含めると、y軸に対して線対称となる。
-The Archimedes' spiral (or spiral of Archimedes) is a kind of Archimedean spiral.
 Archimedes' spiral 
 r=a・θ .
-Sometimes the term Archimedean spiral is used for the more general group of spirals
The normal Archimedean spiral occurs when x = 1. Other spirals falling into this group include the hyperbolic spiral, Fermat's spiral, and the lituus. 
-The Archimedean spiral (also known as the arithmetic spiral) is a spiral named after the 3rd century BC Greek mathematician Archimedes. It is the locus of points corresponding to the locations over time of a point moving away from a fixed point with a constant speed along a line which rotates with constant angular velocity. Equivalently, in polar coordinates (r, θ) it can be described by the equation
with real numbers a and b.
Changing the parameter a will turn the spiral, while b controls the distance between successive turnings.

-This Archimedean spiral is distinguished from the logarithmic spiral by the fact that successive turnings of the spiral have a constant separation distance (equal to 2πb if θ is measured in radians), while in a logarithmic spiral these distances form a geometric progression.
*フェルマーの螺旋 Fermat's spiral [#n4183ec4]
Fermat's spiral (also known as a parabolic spiral) follows the equation
in polar coordinates (the more general Fermat's spiral follows r^ 2 = a^2・θ.) It is a type of Archimedean spiral.

Fermat's spiral traverses equal annuli in equal turns. The full model proposed by H Vogel in 1979 is


where θ is the angle, r is the radius or distance from the center, and n is the index number of the floret and c is a constant scaling factor. The angle 137.508° is the golden angle which is approximated by ratios of Fibonacci numbers.

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